Applicant particulars :

Academic particulars :

Examination Passed

Madhyamik / ClassX

Class XII/ Equivalent exam/ any other exam

Any other examination

Declaration by the candidate:

I hereby state that I have filled this form myself. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the particulars given above are true and correct.

I hereby undertake to abide by the terms and conditions, also rules and regulation in force at present and also those, which may hereafter be introduced by the management for administration of the institute. I will do nothing unworthy as a student of the institute either inside or outside the campus of the institute or anything that interfere with its orderly working and discipline. I am aware that the management has the full authority to expel me for disinterest in the studies, misbehaviour and continuous failure or absenteeism. The decision of the Management is final and binding and will be accepted by me in this regard.

I hereby undertake that I shall pay all fees and other dues, any fines imposed, promptly, I shall return the library books in time to the institution on demand and in advance. In case of my discontinuation in the middle of the course I am liable to pay the entire course fee (3 years).

I undertake to attend the classes regularly and in time and complete the assignment/projects in time and attend all seminars and workshops organized during weekends.


Every student should attend at least 75% of the total conducted classes in every semester.

Non-payment of Tuition fees on time will attract fine, as decided by the management.

Mode of teaching, studying and communication is English only.

Declaration by the Parent / Guardian:

I hereby understand and agree to the above terms and conditions signed by my ward. I also agree to abide by the rules and regulation of the respective University, and pay all their fees and dues as and when demanded by them and also to the Institute from time to time without and delay.

I understand and agree that any sum and/or fees once deposited to the institute will not be refunded, until successful completion of the tenure at the institution.

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